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Wargames (1983)

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how much of this movie originates from previous “cold war” sequences?

what happens to the outsider here? Joshua or David? the computer or the hacker?

where is the enemy? is it non-existent?
see one of the final sequences


concerns about automation

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some main anxieties are that technology may break or stop functioning. Even worse, a looming fear, especially during the cold war, is that it may malfunction or overpower human decisions.

a scene from “Colossus: the Forbin Planet”(1970)

the faith in technology is remotely reminiscent of Klaatu’s polite offer to the humans:¬† accept the policing of Gort-like robots or be annihilated”

see this classic scene form Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove:

man vs machine

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the exploration of the relation man/machine and man/technoscience has a long story. The ambiguous significance of science and technology already emerges in Metropolis

other looming threats

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in Hoffman’s “Red Planet” (2000)Martians are definitely NOT the main threat

Aliens r Us

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Some examples where the alien is not only not dangerous, but it is closer to us than we think

Brian DePalma “Mission to Mars”
astronauts discover some “odd” artifacts.

…and finally, there have a revelation …coming from the Martian herself

the transformation of E.T.

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Neil Badmington indicates how the figure of the alien (in Film, TV and pop culture alike) have become¬† fashionable, friendly and even cute especially after films such as Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T.
this does not mean that Aliens are not perceived dangerous anymore. simply, the classic opposition US vs THEM so popular in the 50s ceases to make sense.

why is this happening?
what issues are at stake here?
if the distinction is now blurred, then who is the alien and who is teh human being?

Mars Attacks! as cult movie

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Fan Club

Official Mars Attacks! site