concerns about automation

some main anxieties are that technology may break or stop functioning. Even worse, a looming fear, especially during the cold war, is that it may malfunction or overpower human decisions.

a scene from “Colossus: the Forbin Planet”(1970)

the faith in technology is remotely reminiscent of Klaatu’s polite offer to the humans:  accept the policing of Gort-like robots or be annihilated”

see this classic scene form Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove:


One Response to “concerns about automation”

  1. Jenn Rickert Says:

    We still feel this looming fear of technology breaking down today. Quite often we find this in an increased sense of isolation or complete societal breakdown. Many of us have come to live with the internet and technology more than a convenience but as a necessity for daily life. Need to get in contact with friends overseas? Send them an email. Want to make sure your boss knows that you’ll be late for work while stuck on the bus? Use your cell phone. Even the money transactions we make with debit cards, or the ways we learn in school are becoming more and more reliant on technology.

    While in some ways it is connecting us via things like Twitter, Blogging, MMO-games, etc–it is also isolating us from the people we see in real life every day. It is this side that we also see when movies portray technological shutdown–a reconnection with those around us and relearning how to live without technology. While seemingly foreboding, usually these types of storylines still show a silver lining that mankind has the capacity to live beyond the technology that we take advantage of. It is the human element (whatever that is) that we will ultimately always fall back on and that will help us surpass such troubles.

    Even in such dire circumstances as occur in movies like the Matrix, mankind finds a way to overcome technological pitfalls. Though the anxiety that exists surrounding the dangers of technology use and progression, we remain vigilant in the idea that we can overcome it in the end.

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