2001 a Space Odyssey- HAL and the Monolith

a short excerpt of a documentary aired in 2001 on channel 4, introduced by James Cameron, with Arthur C. Clarke and Camille Paglia

an interesting interpretation of the Monolith by Rob Ager (collativelearning.com)


One Response to “2001 a Space Odyssey- HAL and the Monolith”

  1. Christine Kircos Says:

    This was my first encounter with 2001, though I had heard of the film and had seen it parodied many times before. What struck me upon my first viewing, besides pondering the end, was the character of Hal. I recall seeing an American Film Institute special a long while ago on famous film heroes and villains and Hal had been listed as a famous villain. However, after viewing the film I wonder if Hal is really just a villain. Yes, Hal does do reprehensible things and murders, but it should be considered that he is struggling to survive against the humans he believes have now become a threat to him. I think that the recent presentation in class touched on this point well and I agree with the perspective that Hal is an intelligent being simply trying to preserve himself.
    I also thought the camera shots from Hal’s point of view presented an interesting perspective that leads to interesting interpretations. In the one shot I recall Hal’s “eye” shows a distorted view of the two astronauts, as if they are alien or some menacing force. I feel to look at Hal as purely evil is too simple of an analysis, but to look at Hal further is more fascinating and raises interesting questions about human evolution and technology. I feel that this would have been more in line to how Stanley Kubrick may have wanted any audience to approach the film, with an open mind.

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