the “jump cut” in 2001 a Space Odyssey

…expresses both the role (and the perception) of special effects and the multilayered-ness of the content


3 Responses to “the “jump cut” in 2001 a Space Odyssey”

  1. Andrew Rodo Says:

    After first viewing this sequence in class and then later during the screening, it is evident the importance this one scene held in the film. The quick jump cut is used to create a direct comparison between the two objects, the bone and the spacecraft. As discussed in class these are both used as tools to further the abilities of man. The airborne bone was stopped after it reached its peak and was on its descent back to earth. At this point there was a quick cut to the spacecraft, possibly even signifying its ability of flight.
    The part that I found most interesting to this sequence and Kubrick’s filmmaking was that it was so direct that millions of years pass in under a second. Expecting somewhat of an inbetween or an explanation as to how the change occured, it catches the viewer off guard and atleast for myself regained interest into the film after watching the “early stage of man” for 25 minutes.
    Considering the year 1968 and the available special effects of the time, this simple transition also makes the spacecraft seem even more realistic.

  2. Sheldon Ludwig Says:

    The jump cut does show a grand passage of time and is in main comparison to the bone. This jump shot is followed by many cut scenes and transitions showing how humans are more dominant in space now. The portrayal of space seems very slow though. Slow moving spacecrafts, along with slow movement of the camera, in my opinion, shows the peak of humanity. Everything is moving really slow, and in turn civilization is now at a stand still. There is nothing else to reach or obtain, especially since space and technology has been conquered.

    I agree with Andrew, that in the year of 1968 these special effects are very well done. I did notice that in this scene, none of the images overlap and appear with a black background, allowing easier editing and scene creation. Simplicity creates brilliancy.

  3. Kristina Figueira Says:

    It also could be a critique of mankind and how we are similar to primative creatures eventhough it jumps so far in the future. For example, after the jump cut, it seems like a superior world but there are many imperfections. HAL becomes a big problem because of the realiance on technologies. Maybe Kubrick is trying to say that we are better off with more primitive ways for our own safety.

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