Wargames- the sequel

someone suggested me to haev a look at the sequel of Wargames- The Dead Code

have a look too. there is something really interesting and troubling about this trailer.

Why do you think the super-computer this time is named Ripley?

Why do you think she is female?


4 Responses to “Wargames- the sequel”

  1. Hailey Conner Says:

    Women are continually gaining power in what is a male dominated world, and there are so many social institutions as well as technological that are used to keep them in place so that the ‘male world’ isn’t threatened. Having a computer that is female with ultimate power flips our understanding of the hierarchy of control and domination. The name RIPLEY also alludes to the film Alien, and the character Ripley, a powerful woman.The fact that RIPLEY is entrusted with safety of America, and takes it too far could be seen as a way of patriarchy rejecting the increasing power of women.

  2. In this version of WarGames, the “super-computer” of the film is not that of a male; rather, it is interpreted as a female (through its visual appearance on the computer screen and recognizable in its voice) named R.I.P.L.E.Y. Although never mentioned in the actual film itself, the idea that the ‘bad’ super-computer was given the name R.I.P.L.E.Y suggests that it reflects that of the main character, Ripley (who happens to be a female), of the Alien series. Although in the movie, a character, when referring to the super-computer, states, “Ripley, like in the Matt Damon movie.”[1]–which refers to the film, The Talented Mr. Ripley where the character Ripley is constantly lead to kill several people leading to “resigning himself to a solitary life without love or acceptance”[2] which could share some resemblance with the WarGames R.I.P.L.E.Y.

    In class, when this movie trailer was mentioned, my thoughts were similar to that of Hailey’s thoughts. However, in a society where our movies, film, and art seem to render a male-preference, where movies always seem to have beautiful and attractive women and are sometimes geared toward the sex, the notion of a female “super-computer” fits right into this idea. In more contemporary media, there usually is this certain tenancy for movies to include sexual content totally oblivious to the movie’s plot in order to please or satisfy the audience governed towards the male audience. Even though I do agree Hailey’s comment, I feel that the decision for the switch to a female “super-computer” was that of a pre-production decision.


  3. interesting points. the mention to “the talented Mr. Ripley” makes the supercomputer scarier too. it also, somehow, reduces the impact it would make on non-male watchers: “oh, look, she is a woman, like Ann Ripley”… “but wait, no she is not a quite a woman, her name is after the talented mr ripley”.

    it is then quite odd to see that the simulation clearly portrays the AI inside the supercomputer as a woman/dominatrix. very odd, isn’t it?

  4. Josephine Lau Says:

    My initial thought also was that RIPLEY referenced Ripley from Aliens. however, besides the fact that Ripley from Aliens was a dominate female character, I don’t see any other differences.

    Perhaps the AI portrayed itself as a woman to attract the attention of the main character, Will, who was flagged as a terrorist because he was setting up a bank account for his neighbour. Being a supercomputer, there must have been something on teenage boys and attractive women in there.

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