2001 and popular culture

This politically-inspired parody of 2001 was brought to my attention. it is part of the Colbert Green Screen Challenge

movies such as “2001” are often appropriated in all sorts of forms by popular culture. this reminded me of an episode of the Simpson from a few years ago.


4 Responses to “2001 and popular culture”

  1. I never before this class realized the socio-cultural implications that 2001 A Space Odyssey produced, that it literally help to construct the future and direction of sci-fi film even today. Although it is an extremely open-ended film, that chooses to answer little and suggest a lot, its visual and techno cultural messages were light years ahead of its time.

  2. Kristina Figueira Says:

    I think it is one of those films that may not be seen by a lot of people in our generation we don’t always notice when it comes up in popular mass culture. The Simpsons takes pieces from so many different films and historical events that sometimes we don’t realize it until someone points it out. In understanding 2001: A Space Odyssey, we can better understand what this episode of The Simpsons is trying to convey.

  3. Zach Rintoul Says:

    2001 was a definate eye opener for cinema through its vision of the relationship between man and technology. As i stated previously with Blade Runner, it shows that man is now battling the very thing it created, in an attempt to make a better living.

    Anyways, I enjoy this parody. To me, McCain just seems like hes rambling on about stupid stuff like shoving reptiles down your pants? huh???? what the hell?? The use of big words makes him sound like he knows what hes doing, haha. This can be shown through Dave asking what are you talking about? where did you get this information from?

  4. 2001 seems to be one of those movies that could be more easily recalled through there reappropriation in Popular Culture, then the movie itself. I’m sure many people, on seeing this film for the very first time, said something like, “Hey Also sprach Zarathustra, isn’t that from the Simpsons Halloween episode”, or, in reference to the classical music and Dave floating around in 2001, “wasn’t that from the simpsons episode where Homer goes to space?”
    It’s interesting, because on first viewing of these pop cultured parodies, or homages, one would not know the referential nature of these scenes. I certainly didn’t until viewing 2001 a space odyssey and then it clicked. McCain as Hal, definitely alludes to Hal 9000, and subsequently McCain as a cold, meticulous, and murderous being (okay, I hate McCain last comment was hyperbole). But alas, it seems like substantial movies in every genre solidifies characters as archetypal for certain things. For instance, nurse ratchet from One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest will always be remembered as the evil nurse, devoid of any empathy or compassion. She will forever be appropriated by pop cultural references that refer to a person of a similar nature. Just as Hal 9000, as seen with John McCain, will always refer to people who are cold, careless, and totally self-serving.

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