memory and dreams in SCIFI film

in Kathryn Bigelow “Strange Days” (1995) Lenny Nero,  deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions.


One Response to “memory and dreams in SCIFI film”

  1. Christine Kircos Says:

    I really love the movie Brazil and I had seen it before this class. The representation of dreams is very interesting in this film. Sam, the protagonist is an average man in the society he lives in and his dreams seem to represent an escape to his own utopia, where he is a hero with wings and soars through the sky. In this dream world that he escapes to there is also an image of a beautiful girl that he is always trying to get to and to save. His life is then turned upside down when he encounters the girl in his real life and he must live up to the hero figure of his dreams. Dreams from one standpoint represent the hope for Sam to attain a better life and escape from the mundane and tedious one he is actually living.

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