A.I. and the figure of the Android

all right, since we have to deal with lots of androids, cyborgs, robots etc… in the next few days, let’s provide definitions. David (the protagonist of Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a “mecha” android. note, this is different than “robot” or “cyborg.”

there is a decent definition of “android” on Wikipedia here


Maria, from “Metropolis,” Robbie the robot from “Forbidden Planet,” the “Star Wars” robots, the robot in “I Robot” are all robot:


different definition for the Cyborg, whose story is a bit more complicated:



3 Responses to “A.I. and the figure of the Android”

  1. Christine Kircos Says:

    David is an interesting protagonist to follow in AI and as a contribution to science fiction film as well. Through David the idea that lingers in many other science fiction films of what it means to be human is brought forth. David is artificially created, but with the creators intention to make him capable of love. The film seems to present the ability to love as one of the key things that separates them from human beings. David thus becomes a new kind of android that is capable to love, but also as his creator points out at the end he is able to dream and pursue those dreams, which he terms as a very human attribute. David serves as an example of an android that is able to blur the line between the difference between him and his human counterparts.

  2. Ariel Kroon Says:

    I found myself articulating the differences between cyborg/android/robot to my coworkers this summer, much to my own amusement, and as I did so, I came to realize that the lines between the three can be easily crossed and re-crossed as technology becomes more advanced: the definitions become more fluid.

    As Christine said, David is an android, but does his ability to love code him as a cyborg, then? Since he is then a fusion of android and human elements.

  3. I’d say he’s a hybrid in between the two. Just like in 2001, with Apes > humans > starchild, David represents another leap in the evolution of robots. There is a gap in between android-cyborg, and a human. I believe that David represents the bridge in between the two. However, as seen he is not a different entity between the two, but an amalgamation of them both. Something that brings him just as close to being a human, as he is to being an android or a cyborg.

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