Bureaucracy, Dystopia and Architectural surrealism in Brazil

this scene is probably one of the denser in Brazil: it synthesizes the the monstrosity of the bureaucratic apparatus through its architectural spectacularity and its vertical dynamism.


2 Responses to “Bureaucracy, Dystopia and Architectural surrealism in Brazil”

  1. Brad Mitchell Says:

    So many elements add to that. They always show this massive building, with an impossibly large reception center. Even the man at the main desk seems to be raised up as he stands next to a tall thing elevator.

    This whole building gives me such a cold impression. Seems like an emotionless building. Especially with the boss just barking answers to all the employees as they parade through the halls.

  2. Zach Rintoul Says:

    I agree Brad Mitchell, this whole idea seems to be like everything is overly organized and repetitive. The man at the desk seems like a robot, barely moving, just sitting there as if he is lifeless. Inside the building, they show aisles of just support beams that go on forever. People walk by in a clustered group. The main character just seems out of place. I really enjoy the directing that was put into this film.

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