Shu Lea Cheang’s Blade Runner (2001)

for those interested, Independent filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang came out with her own version of Blade Runner: I.K.U has many scenes clearly inspired from B.R.(a couple of scenes on the elevator where one character whispers in the other character’s ear “do you trust me?” and the whole last scene outside the city borders. repeated twice, imagining two different endings (two ending versions, like in Blade Runner).

except…  her “replicants” are sex workers delivering orgasms on demand. the movie is a SciFi porn, and sparked quite some controversy when it was first screened at teh Sundance Festival in 2000 and at the Images Festival (Toronto) in 2001.


3 Responses to “Shu Lea Cheang’s Blade Runner (2001)”

  1. Kirk Maijala Says:

    I think this idea is very interesting, that such a film has so many connections to a film like Blade Runner. It definitely emphasizes the fetishization and objectification of the ‘perfect’ replicants, and the idea that they are ‘second-class’ citizens compared to humans in their society.

  2. I will try and find a copy of this movie, as I think it is worth showing a few scenes for comparison purposes. Unfortunately, it has not been widely distributed (because it deals with issues of sexuality and queerness, the graphic/porn images, and because it is an “art” movie).

  3. Ariel Kroon Says:

    I think that the idea of replicants as sex workers is an interesting one, especially considering the innovations in technology to make “real”-feeling and -looking blow-up dolls and the wide range of sex toys there are in this day and age. It reminds me of Gigolo Joe in AI, actually, and makes a lot of sense – with a robot, there’s no chance of getting a disease, or hurting someone, or breaking their heart, or getting them pregnant. They’re “safe” in most conceivable ways (pardon the pun).

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