The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell

a comparison between “the Matrix” and “Ghost in the Shell”


2 Responses to “The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell”

  1. Sheldon Ludwig Says:

    When watching this video, you can see some very amazing accurate comparable features of both films. Their extremeness of actions, with slight pauses of stillness or silences before hand is very present. To be able to do this ultimate action in an anime seems difficult, but when comparing this to real life, high intense action that you see in films with humans, the anime films appear to be constructed with ease… it just sets a new standard in the film industry where the camera moves through space so fluently and slows time in some cases giving psychic effects instead of physical effects (without lacking physical action). These movies are amazing and i wish there were more of them.

  2. I believe that the Wachowski’s have openly admitted that the Matrix was inspired by Ghost in the Shell. It seems as though the translation of Animated film, specifically animes, to real-life film has only become possible recently. One of the most difficult interpretations would be in the high action sequences. I believe the films shown in that clip were Vampire Hunter D, Akira, and the Kenshin OVA. All of these films success in a real-life interpretation would be predicated on the ability to replicate these action sequences. Anything less would be totally inferior. I believe because of this, and because of the success of the Matrix, and other East-Asian cinema, that there is now an insurgence of these types of film in Western cinema. I know that they are re-doing Akira, Oldboy, and I believe Vampire Hunter D in live-action, Oldboy is going to be with Will Smith which is absolutely mind boggling, but nontheless, anime and East-Asian film has been accepted and assimilated into Western culture. Expect a lot more “homages” and recreations in the years to follow.

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