…Logan’s Run (1976)


2 Responses to “…Logan’s Run (1976)”

  1. Sheldon Ludwig Says:

    I have not seen this movie, but plan to after seeing this trailer. I like this idea that these civilians live in a dome after a holocaust. These people only live til the age of 30, due to population control and limited resources. This film reminds me of the Environmental Ethics that arose in the 1960s and 1970s. It talks about the world having a ‘carrying capacity’ and explains that the maximum number of organisms an area/habitat can support without reducing its ability to support the same number of organisms in the future. This eventually turned into representing ‘earth as a spaceship’, where the spaceship would be self-sustaining for long journeys. This does not apply very well to our world, but a more appropriate model would be Garrett Hardin’s view of ‘earth as a lifeboat’ where there is a limited capacity and limited supplies. This suites this movie fully with the capped life at 30. This movie represents the theories that filled its time.

  2. Logan’s Run depicts society in a manner similar to many movies recently released. Movies such as “I Robot” “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” “The Island” depict society in a very similar. The depiction of AI, and society as clean, fresh, and efficient sets the tone for a very optimistic future. However, as seen in Logan’s Run with “Carousel”, the conditions of society on seem to hopeful, as society has been structured to conceal the cruelty, and suffering responsible for the maintenance of those conditions. In Logan’s Run we have the hedonistic nature of a futuristic society juxtaposed with “Carousel” where anyone over the age of thirty gets killed. In A.I. we see the efficiency that technology has provided, but not the human empathy lost in the exploitation of androids seen with the “flesh fair”. Lastly, in “the Island”, we see how society looks so dystopic, as the true nature of the world has been concealed from the subjects who are promised a future life on the island. However, the true nature of there lives is to serve as doppleganger replacement parts for their contemporaries on the outside of there secluded worlds. In fact, thinking about it makes me think that the Island might have been directly inspired by Logan’s run. Two people, who know too much and have found the truth, fight for their own survival and liberation against people trying to silence them. Anyways, the point I’m making is the theme of a dystopic world within a proposed utopia. In all of these films, on a aesthetic level and denoted level, these films are represented as utopias, of care-free activity. However, the dystopic nature of their worlds is always uncovered and revealed to them, postulating that the utopic nature of society is only possible through the exploitation of others. Ultimately, making utopia impossible to find.

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