the Island (with spoiler included)


3 Responses to “the Island (with spoiler included)”

  1. I think one of the underlying themes of this movie is, looking back at the beginning of the course, this simple notion that even the ‘unpurist’ entities–the non-human–can carry the same characteristics as actual humans. “Tom Lincoln”, even though is a ‘harvest being’ feels human even after finding out that he truly was not.

  2. Brad Mitchell Says:

    I have not seen this film, but it feels like it’s taking on that approach of a perfect world that we strive for, but in doing so create a much bigger mess. The first few shots are all of pristine architecture and a very clean environment, but then rapidly moves into a desert and destruction. Suggests that perhaps a perfect world cannot be achieved, no matter how much research and money is used.

  3. Sheldon Ludwig Says:

    I think this movie exploits the myths and misunderstandings of human cloning. It helps to show a potential future that we all may face; a future that includes humans making cloning a commodity and placing a price on the clones, which then turns humans into objects whose price is known, in doing so, we all risk diminishing the value of human life. We live in a demand and supply market that is quite corruptible, and larger profits fuel these markets so companies will do what they have to just as a means to their own ends. This movie presents these prominent issues very thoroughly.

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