about SciFi film

Welcome to SciFi 254! Refer to this page when you need to know in-class details and logistics info.
in the meantime, here is a general outline:

Science Fiction film equally plays a major role in forming our collective imaginary regarding potential futures or unexplored worlds, and in exposing/interrogating our deeply-rooted fears (and irresistible curiosity) of alien invasions, environmental destruction and disease. Hidden underneath layers of “pure entertainment” brought to us by spectacular CGI effects and action-packed scenes, are reflections on, and critiques of, our social customs and taboos.
In Science Fiction film, the above-mentioned fears often materialize through the figure the “Other.” Broadly identified as that which doesn’t belong, the unfamiliar, the outsider, the “Other” comes in the form of a menace from outer space (monstrous creatures or unknown substances ruthlessly attacking the innocent human species, the ghost or the supernatural). It manifests through unknown, uncanny, or unusual space/place (the outer space, the post-apocalyptic, the ultra-technological, or bureaucracy-dominated city of the future). It emerges, unexpectedly, as a consequence of, or from within everyday practices (the freak, the hybrid, the mutant or the robot).
As an omnipresent theme, the “Other” seeps through all aspects of cinematography, mise-en-scène etc…Thus, in this course, the “Other” is used as a starting point that will guide us in the exploration of the complexities of the genre of science fiction film.
lost your outline? here you can find the complete syllabus

Science Fiction Film


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