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Architectural inspirations

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Chris Cunningham and special effects

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although he is best known for his spooky music videos for Aphex Twin, Cunningham has worked with animatronics in ALIEN and participated in the early phases of A.I.

Brazil and Gilliam

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an interesting BBC documentary with interviews with Terry Gilliam

Bureaucracy, Dystopia and Architectural surrealism in Brazil

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this scene is probably one of the denser in Brazil: it synthesizes the the monstrosity of the bureaucratic apparatus through its architectural spectacularity and its vertical dynamism.

memory and dreams in SCIFI film

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in Kathryn Bigelow “Strange Days” (1995) Lenny Nero,  deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions.

concerns about automation

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some main anxieties are that technology may break or stop functioning. Even worse, a looming fear, especially during the cold war, is that it may malfunction or overpower human decisions.

a scene from “Colossus: the Forbin Planet”(1970)

the faith in technology is remotely reminiscent of Klaatu’s polite offer to the humans:  accept the policing of Gort-like robots or be annihilated”

see this classic scene form Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove:

man vs machine

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the exploration of the relation man/machine and man/technoscience has a long story. The ambiguous significance of science and technology already emerges in Metropolis