Shu Lea Cheang’s Blade Runner (2001)

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for those interested, Independent filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang came out with her own version of Blade Runner: I.K.U has many scenes clearly inspired from B.R.(a couple of scenes on the elevator where one character whispers in the other character’s ear “do you trust me?” and the whole last scene outside the city borders. repeated twice, imagining two different endings (two ending versions, like in Blade Runner).

except…  her “replicants” are sex workers delivering orgasms on demand. the movie is a SciFi porn, and sparked quite some controversy when it was first screened at teh Sundance Festival in 2000 and at the Images Festival (Toronto) in 2001.


Architectural inspirations

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Blade Runner and Architectural representation in SCIFI

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while Blade Runner (1982…and later versions) owes a great deal of its architectural imagination to earlier films such as Metropolis, to the drawings of Moebius and the SF magazine M├ętal Hurlant where his drawings were published, it did, in turn, become quite an iconic model for a many movies to come.

A.I. and the future city

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Chris Cunningham and special effects

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although he is best known for his spooky music videos for Aphex Twin, Cunningham has worked with animatronics in ALIEN and participated in the early phases of A.I.

A.I. and the figure of the Android

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all right, since we have to deal with lots of androids, cyborgs, robots etc… in the next few days, let’s provide definitions. David (the protagonist of Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a “mecha” android. note, this is different than “robot” or “cyborg.”

there is a decent definition of “android” on Wikipedia here

Maria, from “Metropolis,” Robbie the robot from “Forbidden Planet,” the “Star Wars” robots, the robot in “I Robot” are all robot:

different definition for the Cyborg, whose story is a bit more complicated:

Brazil and Gilliam

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an interesting BBC documentary with interviews with Terry Gilliam