Bureaucracy, Dystopia and Architectural surrealism in Brazil

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this scene is probably one of the denser in Brazil: it synthesizes the the monstrosity of the bureaucratic apparatus through its architectural spectacularity and its vertical dynamism.


2001 space odyssey

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the opening:

the monolyth

the ending

memory and dreams in SCIFI film

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in Kathryn Bigelow “Strange Days” (1995) Lenny Nero,  deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions.

2001 and popular culture

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This politically-inspired parody of 2001 was brought to my attention. it is part of the Colbert Green Screen Challenge

movies such as “2001” are often appropriated in all sorts of forms by popular culture. this reminded me of an episode of the Simpson from a few years ago.

Memory, time travel, and day-dreaming

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memory is the big theme that shapes the entire movie “La Jetee”. a lot of this memory is linked to the role of the gaze (memory is blurry and made of fragments. the movie is made of photograms as well).

memory is linked with time, because it evokes a past and re-interprets the future. the protagonist travels back in time led by an obsessive image.

however, is this image really part of his past? a lot of our memories are not coming from events we saw happening but from events we heard haad happened or events we imagined happening. what is, then, day-dreaming and what is really time-travel? what is real and what is not? the two things do merge at some point.

La Jetee (1962)

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Memory, Utopia/Dystopia, Past and Future,  Time travels, these are all themes explored by Chris Marker in “La Jetee”

and this is a very bad quality online version of La Jetee

Significance of technoscience in SciFi Film

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a couple of questions about the role of technoscience in Science Fiction Film

1) How are technology and science Represented in SF film?

2) what is their role and what do they stand for?

3) how would you qualify special effects?