here are some interesting pics from 2001

have you recently seen a science fiction film ? would you like to review it? this is the right place.

pls, post it as a comment below.


3 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. After viewing the film “Mars Attacks” in a strictly academic enviravioment, paying close attention to the musical score and heavy satire, I found myself having a new found respect and admiration for a film I once viewed as pure camp fun. Tim Burton does an exquisite job in resurrecting the traditional silliness of the classic 1950s genre Sci-Fi B movie. Complete with excellent use of the Theremin for scoring the film, and great alien design complete with multi-coloured ray guns. However, the film also has another angle, its timely release allowed for Tim Burton to poke fun at the mega Sci-Fi blockbusters of the mid-90s, such as Godzilla and Independence Day, using all the cheesy motifs possible to send an explicit message to the viewer, that films like Independence Day were just as campy as the nickel pictures of the 1950s.

  2. I have more questions than comments when it comes to the film Brazil, it seems that the director terry Gillian took severe artistic liberties with the film, creating a stunning visual stimulus of a complex dystopia, but neglecting a coherent and well-structured plot. It seems that Brazil is merely a artistic representation of one mans subconscious ideals of a future dominated by big brother and convoluted bureaucracies.

  3. Natalie Dias Says:

    I watched Iron Man a couple of weeks ago, I can’t say I found it as entertaining as it was apparently supposed to be. For a movie purported to be one of the biggest Hollywood summer blockbusters, it was missing something for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m finally learning how to read a filmic text…

    There was a lot of focus on the action, which is fairly typical. But there was a sincere neglect of the Iron Man story itself. He’s kidnapped, okay, almost dies, builds himself an incredible power suit and so on… But beyond what the suit can do, it’s barely touched upon how Tony Stark is no longer fully human. He’s powered by this energy emitter-come-generator.

    It’s popular, I’ve noticed, in superhero movies as of late to have the main character (the superhero!) reveal his identity to someone else – not just his trusted confidante or faithful employee, but his love interest or, in Iron Man’s case, the world. I find this a sharp departure from the science fiction genre where secrets and lies are usually part and parcel of the story – they are often the basis for plot.

    I’m a bit of a comic book fan but I fully admit that I’ve barely followed the Iron Man mythos at all. Given how other superhero movies have been lauded as accessible by all audiences and the hype surrounding Iron Man specifically, I expected more. I was watching the movie with three other friends and we found ourselves constantly distracted from the movie because it just wasn’t as engaging or as stimulating as we were expecting.

    I like science fiction as a genre but I would never have called myself a sci-fi junkie. I was disappointed, though, because I consider (out of most of the “famous” comic/cartoon characters) Iron Man to be one of the most sci-fi characters available in the comic book genre and his story lacked a lot on that front. If you’re watching the movie as a fan of Iron Man, maybe you have a different take. If you saw it in theatres on the big silver screen, maybe you enjoyed it more. If you haven’t seen it, and you attempt to watch it as a science fiction film (possibly even just as pure “action” fun), I think you’ll be disappointed.

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